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How can psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling help you? You may have feelings, thoughts, fears and wishes of which you are unaware or only partly conscious but which play a significant part in determining your attitudes, behaviour and relationships. By increasing your awareness you become freer to make choices so that you can find better ways of relating to yourself and others. This can enable you to recognise and change old familiar patterns which may be detrimental to your happiness and mental health.

The psychodynamic approach explores the Unconscious and the influence of past experience on development and current behaviour.. You are encouraged to talk about significant relationships, be they in childhood or in the present. The therapist uses what happens within the client therapist relationship, known as the transference, to shed light on your ways of relating to other people and to yourself.. The transference is an unconscious process wherein the client
will at times re-enact habitual ways of behaving and reacting to others, with the counsellor. The psychodynamic approach is derived from psychoanalysis but aims to provide a quicker, less intensive resolution to emotional difficulties.

I also draw upon other approaches and techniques such as CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. My aim is to adjust my way of working to what is best for you, although my theoretical framework is primarily psychoanalytic and Jungian